Custom Dental Website Design

We have been providing custom dental practice websites since 2008. Call us for a free quote.

Are you looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind custom dental practice website? Apex Dental Websites specializes in building and designing dental websites that will showcase your business and help you achieve your goals. Our team listens to what is important to you and your objectives. Contact us for more information on how we can create your custom dental website.


Dental Website Design

The most important marketing tool
We make it our mission to create the most-effective website design for your market in order to maximize your goals. The end results is turning website visitors into new patients at your practice. We create a simple, yet powerful experience for your current and potential new patients. Our website solutions will set you and your practice up for future growth.

What makes a successful dental practice website?

Structure, beauty and design are crucial

Creating a clean aesthetic website combined with quality content will make for a successful website. A great website is fast, ranks well in search engines, properly displays your brand, is easy for visitors to navigate, is accessible on all devices and screens, and has call-to-actions that stand out to attract new patients. By having all of these items in place, it will bring more patients to your website and generate more calls to your practice.

Our Website Design Process


We start all of our dental website projects by understanding the scope and requirements for your dental practice. Our goal is to learn about your practice, team and the types of services you provided. We work closely with your office while developing the website so we can achieve what matters most to helping your practice grow.


During our planning stage, we take all of the information we have gathered from our discovery call with your office and create project milestones. We devise a strategic plan to make sure it aligns with your vision and achieves all of the goals for your practice.


Our team builds your website taking into consideration all of the details your practice has outlined. The website will begin taking shape and come to life with visual concepts.


Upon completion of the website, we will review and test the functionality with your practice. Our goal is to make sure your reputation is delivered correctly to your audience. After testing, we will present the final project and upon approval, we will launch your new practice website.

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