The Importance Of A Mobile Compatible Dental Website

With the internet now being accessed from people’s wrists on smart watches or through their smartphones and tablets in their hands, it’s essential that your dental practice website be compatible with all mobile platforms that people use today.

The Importance of Compatibility

When a dental crown is created for your patient’s mouth, it’s designed to work harmoniously with their existing teeth. If the crown is off and the bite is too high, then it is uncomfortable for the patient.

Websites are the same way. Your dental website should automatically adjust to the size of your potential patient’s screen size. Whether it’s a desktop or phone. Compatibility makes it convenient for them because they can easily navigate on the device they choose (without the frustration of an unorganized screen.)

Attract More Patients

Based on Statcounter Global Stats, 56% of website traffic comes from mobile usage.
If your dental practice offers better usability and services through your mobile-friendly website, you’re at a better position to attract more patients.

Here’s an example. Your new patient is on their way to their dental appointment. They forget the address and phone number to your dental office. With their phone they revisit your website to retrieve the info, but find that your website is not compatible with their device, making it difficult to navigate. Now they’re lost and late, and possibly will not reschedule because of the inconvenience.

To prevent unwanted loss of prospective new patients, make sure your website is mobile-friendly!

Quick Designing Tips For Your Dental Website

  • Prioritize mobile screens first when you design your website.
  • Think vertically – mobile screens offer limited space to display. What elements are your users needing to see and use easily? Such as a call-to-action button.
    Keep the web design attractive, yet simple.
  • Size of visuals, illustrations and media take uploading speed and how they impact what your customer is looking for.

An effective way to ensure your dental website is optimal is to test it on a real mobile phone. How easy is it to navigate?

Apex Dental Websites can optimize your dental website for mobile compatibility so that your users receive the same information they get from the full desktop version. A smooth mobile experience will make it easier for clients to find you. Contact us today!

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